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G'mornin'! and a happy new year!(←too late??)てれちゃう
Sorry, I didn't write looong while...たらーっ
how's your Chiristmas & New year holiday?
Did you spent great time?ぴかぴか

Well, this is my top secret now...
tomorrow mornin', I have an interview for my part time job at TDR.

I want work there very much.
Because, that's one of my dream from a childhood.

I think I have to do something immediately.
Since the life which nothing carries out is not different from it being dead.
I'm still alive, so I must to brush up my life.星

I'll find something special in my life.
I don't know but, it maybe start from tomorrow.

very merry Christmas☆ eve

My sweet heart
Baby DAISY finally found
her boy friend DONALD♪in Christmas eve@TDS

What's "ARASHI"?

They are 5guys in the group.Look at sidebar Recommend list CD "ONE"

Today I'll tell about left brain human being..a picture, a dance, and any song will be managed. He is...

OHNO Satoshi(大野智)bottom(left)

He has meny nicknames.


recently, we call him Captain a lot.

He is only formed nickname leader or Captain.
So he don't think he'll show any leaderships.
Because, Captain or leader means only kind of his nicknames.

He look like the sleepest face in the group,

But his dance is really sharp,
then singing voice is the best in ARASHI.

And now,
he performance in stage(TENSEIKUMPU),
I enjoyed that, about a week ago.

It was my first time I saw a performance in the Aoyama theater.

That was comical,and sometimes aggressive then, romantic..

What a cool he is!?

He addicted me so much...ラブラブ

And,This is very important!
So, don't forget..he loves art工具
He likes drawingアート, he likes clay arts.

Then recently, I read one magazine about him,
now he likes silver clay arts.

the reason of why we love him is...ハート大小

nino and Captain are pureおはな

...so sweet and cute.

Now,I love him very muchラブラブ

Merry Christmas!!

Daisy&Twinkle christmas tree☆

Merry Christmas!

We are at TDS!!

What's "ARASHI"?

They are 5guys in the group.Look at sidebar Recommend list CD "ONE"

Today I'll tell about...Oscar Award is not a dream!?
No.1 Actor in ARASHI拍手

NINOMIYA Kazunari(二宮和也)top(center)

He has meny nickname.


and more...

I call him NINO.
I heard the story about his nickname...That's

Clint Eastwood couldn't call him "NINO" at first time.
It's Because "NINO" means small person.
I don't Know where, but somewhere another language of the country.

anyway, I like the nickname.

NINO loves play gameゲーム,and read manga(comics)
and, He writing weblog everydayケータイ

He has a great gifted.
He can perform exactly what he want to inform audience.

He said
"I don't acting, I'm only representing every role."

You so cool...NINOMIE...ハート大小

He was starring as SAIGO in the Hollywood movie "LETTER FROM IOJIMA"

I still can't watch that movie yet.
But, everyone said

"You should watch it!
And after you watch the movie, You can feel something precious."

I don't like war movies.
But, NINO...
He'll tell us about what we have to save..or what the most precious thing is?

I'm very scare to see that. I don't want see dies of with painful peple.
But it was actually happened 61years ago.

..We have to watch and know what happened.

We have to understand that mustn't do it again.

I'll report what I felt after I watch it.

mmm..I write about NINO too much?lastly,
the reason of why we love him is...

his eyes are very pureぴかぴか.
but,sometimes he anxiety.

so, I feel like I want protect him...てれちゃう
(I'm very ARASICK...=means "ARASHI SICK")

That a jokeたらーっ...Anyway,

I like his songs.
His voice is beautiful音楽.
But,he can't compare Captain's singing voice.

Sorry but, I love Captainラブラブハート大小

Guess what?
Today is Aiba chan's 24th B'dayケーキ2
"プレゼントHappy Birth day MASAKI!"
I'm expect you'll become more sexy heikin seinen Aiba chan.

Merry Christmas ツリーeveryone!
Please enjoy your ブーツChristmas holidayリース

What's "ARASHI"?

They are 5guys in the group.Look at sidebar Recommend list CD "ONE"

Today I'll tell about...Oh, how can I explain him...mmm

Well, he is very flashy character outlook also inside(everyone think so).
He is the most fashionable person in ARASHI.
MATSUMOTO Jun(松本潤)top(left)

His nickname is
JUN Kunラブ
that's ordinary nickname, some of us call him
Kibori(means"Wood carving"←Aiba chan is a person who brought it up.)
Do S Bancyo(means "excessive gang leader"←ARASHI member sometime call him so.)

and more...

He is ARASHI member but,
also he is a famous actor in Japan.

Especially, he act girls comic's original dramas a lot.

I know the reason,he is too handsomeラブラブ

He is one of the type, which a girl loves.

So, he'll perform from next month on TV drama
"Hanayori Dango Reterns(2)"(花より男子・リターンズ(2))

"Bokuwa imoutoni koiwosuru"(僕は妹に恋をする)movie. That's his first time starring.

Both compositions are original from Japanese girls comic.

the reason of why we love him is...ハート大小
I said repeatedly but, he's too handsome,
Then he is smart,

He can tell somebody to explain his idea clearly.

That's why, Matsujun join the producing ARASHI's concerts interpret.

But,I don't have any chance to go to ARASHI's concert yet.

I wish I can go and enjoy their concert someday...

big band beat x'mas☆dress ♪

I made my baby DAISY's dress often.

This one is DAISY DUCK's stage dress
at Tokyo Disney Sea
& big band beat☆x'mas stage show.

I'll dress her up
& bring her to Disney Sea tomorrow or x'mas eveツリー


Good night月

What's "ARASHI"?

Here in my place is あめくもりweather.

Anyway, I think I have to write about"What's ARASHI" first.
So, I decide to write about same thing with my Japanese weblog starts 2007.

They are 5guys in the group.Look at sidebar Recommend list CD "ONE"

Today I'll tell about very bright and occasionally sexy in ARASHI,
AIBA Masaki(相葉雅紀)top(right)
He has a some nickname.
We almost call him..

Aiba chan

but,I like the best of the his nickname is..

Heikin Seinen Aiba chanぴかぴか
(It means average Boy(or Young man) Aiba chan)

He likes experiment...?
Sometimes he find brand-new result.
His brain storms are terrific.

Then, he love animals. One day, He said

"I want fly, like birds!"

Actually,he flew by a handmade airplain飛行機 on a TV program(mago-mago ARASHI),
last September.
he only flew about 60cm.
When he tried to fly, there was quite high wind強風, so he failed.
Pity Aiba chan.. [:がく〜:]

the reason of why we loveハート大小 him is...

He is sometimes goof(I means he is sweet and loveable),
but I think he has something another sensibility in his side.

...It's difficult to explain,

But I guess,
he has a twinkle treasure in his heartラブぴかぴか.

so,we love him.


"mickey'n'petit-petit baby duck's ARASHI!"

This is mic!
I will write about...
Tokyo Disney Resortイベント and my favorite Japanese hottest group "ARASHI"ラブラブ
(You can see them side bar! Aren't they so cute&sexy???)

I wish I can TELL all over the world地球 about
Tokyo Disney Resort and ARASHI!!! and bit about life in JAPAN.

I also be linked same title JAPANESE SITE

My English lebel isn't good enough, but I want to tell one Japanese life.
I hope I'll write often but,Maybe I'll write... 1or2times in a week(hopefully).

See you next writeパー

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